White House Reporters Reveal Republicans Are Finally Abandoning Trump “The Bottom Is Going To Fall Out”

He's breaking down.

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Donald Trump is facing a problem as Republicans are pondering what direction the president is taking Americans, in particular, the Republican party and its constituents. Los Angeles Times White House reporter Eli Stokols took to MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” on Monday to further explain.

During the interview, host Nicolle Wallace played a clip of Trump supporter and former US attorney Chris Christie wondering what sort of evidence special counsel Robert Mueller have obtained recently. “And you’ve seen the president attacking Michael Cohen and basically asking the public to dismiss what he’s saying by saying, ‘Look, this guy is just trying to get a better deal for himself, don’t believe him.’ But Christie points out that the investigation probably has a lot more evidence than just Michael Cohen’s recent revelations, and this has to be worrying for Trump. The information and evidence that is exposed to the public is just the tip of the iceberg — and Trump might be savvy to the inner workings of any collusion between his administration and Russian oligarchs. Stokols further explains:

Yes, he and Rudy Giuliani on some level believe they can continue to attack the investigators, to try and convince the public that there’s something nefarious and something politically motivated about this. But when all the facts are laid out and people can see the investigators’ work, I think it’s going to be very problematic for this president.”

There’s evidence that the Republicans on Capitol Hill are becoming a bit antsy.

Republican lawmakers who are — have a huge role to play in this if it goes forward — are starting to tell me privately, some of them, that, you know, if there’s obvious evidence, the bottom is going to fall out.”

Trump has become increasingly concerned in recent weeks about what his administration is facing come January, when newly empowered Democrats are expected to release the full force of their oversight powers on the administration due to the significant gains made during the November 2018 “Blue Wave.”

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