Viral Picture From McCain’s Funeral Sends Stunning Message To Trump, Reminds Him He’s Losing

This photo is going to haunt Trump for the rest of his presidency.

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Donald Trump likes to brag about how he’s “winning,” despite the fact that all balanced polls portray a presidency that is going very, VERY badly (in fact, Trump currently has a 60 percent DISapproval rating).

But Trump just got another major reality check, which came from the funeral of American hero Senator John McCain. Shoving it in the face of America’s disrespectful POTUS, Republican Senator Jeff Flake sent Trump a crippling message, showing America being united when Trump has tried so hard to divide the country. In the photo, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and Bill Clinton all stand together to honor McCain’s life. Flake wrote in his tweet:

Decency wins.”

As Trump was not invited to attend McCain’s funeral and both former presidents Bush and Obama gave moving eulogies that insulted #45, this is devastating. In one picture, America’s beloved former leaders and First Ladies stand in contrast to Trump and his family, who are absolutely resented by most Americans.

This beautiful, feel-good footage is in addition to another bipartisan moment in which Bush was caught on camera passing a candy on to Michelle Obama. With these two moments immortalized on film forever, it truly looks like America is prevailing regardless of how much Trump works to divide us.

Trump may have said that he was going to be everyone’s president and reach across the political aisle when he first became elected, but we all know that Trump has done anything but that. He has actively brought hatred and bigotry into America’s politics, so it is a great comfort to know that he has not yet destroyed everything. Decency still prevails, and the fact that it was captured at McCain’s funeral is exactly what the American war hero would have wanted.

Featured image via screen capture

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