Video Emerges From Trump’s Latest Rally And The Crowd Size Will Send Republicans Into Panic Mode

How embarrassing.

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Worried about the incoming Blue Wave, Trump went to Ohio to try to rally his base. His appearance comes amid mounting Republican fears that they could lose the state’s special election for the Columbus House seat, signaling desperation that is permeating Senate Republicans as their positions are potentially being threatened in the November midterm elections. Trump visited Ohio to turn out Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson, as the party raced to fend off an embarrassing special election lose that could portend a November Blue Wave.

During the hour-long rally in a hot high school auditorium, Trump repeatedly praised Balderson, a former state legislator who suddenly finds himself neck and neck with his Democratic opponent for a seat the Republicans have held for over three decades. That signals trouble for the Republicans if they are struggling to secure a position that they had for so long.

Troy Balderson, he’s the guy.”

Trump’s slogans rang empty amid the protesters at the rally. Demonstrators were outside of the high school, with many of them holding signs and chanting at several points, enduring insults and insults from Trump supporters, while occasionally cheering at car horns of support.

Inside the Trump rally, things got a bit awkward. Two friends from the city of Delaware said that they came to the rally because they’d never seen a president in person before — these two people are the viral duo had shirts that said: “I Rather Be Russian Than a Democrat.”

A new video also emerged of attendees during the YMCA. The song has long been an anthem for gay culture in the 1970s and 80s. It is a bit ironic that a political group that has recently rescinded visas to same-sex partners of diplomats, with many of Trump supporters being fervent homophobes, is playing this song at a rally.

The crowd size was also oddly small for Ohio, with only a few people up in the rafters and on the floor participating in the obligatory YMCA dance. No doubt, however, that Trump will declare it the largest rally Ohio has ever witnessed.

Featured image via screen capture

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