Twitter Responds To Latest White House Official To Refuse Cooperation In Impeachment Inquiry: “See You In Jail”

Can he be any more obvious?

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Acting Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought just added himself to the long list of alleged humans who are refusing to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. And, as much as Vought wants people to believe that it’s a “sham process,” nothing could be further from the truth since his “president” admitted to doing a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine’s leader as he stood on the White House lawn. Then, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney backed up Trump’s admission during an awkward press briefing.

Vought took to his Twitter account to add himself to the dubious list of Trump’s bootlickers.

“I saw some Fake News over the weekend to correct,” Vought tweeted. “As the WH letter made clear two weeks ago, MB officials – myself and Mike Duffey – will not be complying with deposition requests this week. #shamprocess.”

It’s almost as if he’s covering up for a criminal. Twitter users noticed that, too.

The three House committees that are leading the impeachment inquiry are seeking testimony from Vought and Duffey in regards to the rationale behind withholding nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine. But as Mulvaney admitted, it was for services to be rendered — dirt on Trump’s political opponent. Trump’s allies and advisers did not appreciate Mulvaney’s interview, with one calling it a “self-immolation.” As for Rudy Jailiani, Trump’s personal attorney, he appears to be on the edge, too, with the “president’s” lackeys distancing themselves from the former NYC mayor.

Apparently, this is the hill Vought wants to die on.

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