Trump’s Businesses Take Another Hit As His Prized Resort’s Income Drops 69 Percent In Two Years

Brokeahontas strikes again!

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Since becoming the president, the net operating income for Trump National Doral Miami resort, the flagship property and biggest moneymaker for the former reality show star’s family business, is showing a steep decline. Trump’s name has become so toxic that the net operating income has fallen by 69 percent in just two years, according to the Washington Post. Trump likes to give the impression that he’s a good businessman, but a recent report by the New York Times revealed that he once lost more money than any other American, so Twitter gifted him with the nickname “Brokeahontas.” And after reading the report on his prized resort’s income taking a plunge, that name seems very appropriate.

The Doral resort was listed in Trump’s federal disclosures as his biggest-earning hotel. However, that’s changed now as room rates, banquets, golf, and overall revenue have all taken a hit since 2015 when the former reality show star declared himself a candidate for president.

Eric Trump told the Post that the huge losses should be blamed on the Zika virus and hurricanes for hurting tourism across South Florida in recent years. “This story is completely senseless. Our iconic properties are the best in the world and our portfolio is unrivaled by anyone,” Liddle Eric said. Yeaaahh, it’s totally not because Trump is the least popular president in the history of polling, and has found himself plagued in scandals. And then there are tax documents that show that local rival golf resorts are outperforming Trump’s prized business.

“They are severely underperforming,” Trump tax consultant Jessica Vachiratevanurak told a Miami-Dade County official in an attempt bid to lower the property’s tax bill, according to the Daily Beast. “There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand.”

Last year, Ivanka Trump’s fashion company shuttered after a successful boycott was launched. And all of the aforementioned about the current occupant of the White House is probably one of the many reasons why he won’t disclose his taxes. It’s because he’s a fraud.

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