Trump Wakes Up And Goes Off On Crazy Twitter Rant Over Syria

This is INSANE!

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Donald Trump declared on Wednesday that “we have defeated ISIS in Syria” even though that’s absolutely not true. Even Senate Republicans were shocked as Trump suddenly announced the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. Trump did not consult Congress and he caught the Pentagon off guard. Our allies were blindsided but at least one world leader agreed with Trump’s decision: Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Trump took to Twitter early Thursday morning to defend his sudden move to withdraw troops from Syria in a series of tweets, insisting that his decision was “no surprise” then shifted his focus on the border wall.

Trump doesn’t know the difference between there and their. Let that sink in for a moment.

Then, he erratically shifted his focus to the wall which he now wants to only be constructed out of “steel slats,” and I think that will be my new band name.

Trump ended his tweet-storm with a video in which again he declares that ISIS is defeated.

It’s time to apply the 25th Amendment before the president destabilizes key parts of the world. It’s almost as if electing a former reality show star with zero political experience to the highest seat in the land was a bad idea.

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