Trump Voters Left Speechless After Fox News Judge Blasts Giuliani For Defending Trump’s Hush Money Payments

Coming from Fox, this is BIG.

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Trump voters usually go to Fox News for consolation, as it is pretty much the only media network that is willing to sugarcoat and lie to them so they feel better about their unhinged, corrupt president. However, many Trump supporters were at a loss for words after they saw a certain recent Fox segment.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who is a Trump supporter himself, stunned viewers with some hard-hitting news about the president. The Fox judge ripped the president’s own lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, apart for defending The Donald’s payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

In speaking with America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer, Napolitano issued a refreshingly honest take on Trump’s legal woes, stating that the sentencing memo for Michael Cohen was “dangerous,” and noting that he too committed a felony. Napolitano also stated that the Southern District of New York “wouldn’t make an allegation like that if they didn’t have evidence to support it.”

Most notable in the interview was the way Napolitano tore into Giuliani, who had tweeted yesterday that “No responsible lawyer would charge a debatable campaign finance violation as a crime.” Napolitano countered that and said:

It’s not debatable. The responsible lawyers he’s saying wouldn’t do this are the professional people, not the political appointee who recused himself — Geoff Berman — but the professional people who run the southern district of New York.”

Hemmer asked the Fox judge if Trump could be indicted, and Napolitano said:

My view is he can be indicted but not prosecuted until after leaving office, because… the disruption to the government would be far more than the constitution tolerates.”

Fox News has grown more critical of the president over the last several months, and Napolitano’s remarks are definitely going to be a shock to loyal Fox viewers. Considering that Trump lives on Fox News, it’s likely that he saw Napolitano’s interview as well, and it probably scared the sh*t out of him. You can watch the segment below:

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