Trump Takes To Twitter Monday Morning, Claims He’s A Hard Worker Despite “The Mess” He’s Inherited

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After yet another leak of Donald Trump’s schedule, the former reality show star took to his Twitter account to claim that he is the hardest working president in history, then took a shot at his predecessor, Barack Obama, to say that he “inherited” a “mess.” Trump is trying to defend his use of “Executive Time,” in which he spends a good portion of his day tweeting and watching TV, possibly with a hamberder in his tiny hands. The thing is, though, that if you work hard, you don’t need to talk about it because people notice if you’re productive.

Trump also slammed fact-checkers because it’s 2019 and the truth is not the truth anymore, apparently.

Then, he took a shot at Obama.

“No president ever worked harder than me (cleaning up the mess I inherited)!” President Exclamation Mark tweeted.

On Sunday, Trump again defended his lazy schedule.

Twitter users took Trump to the woodshed.

Axios reported that Trump has spent approximately half of his time in “Executive Time” over 4 days last week. The outlet previously reported that Trump spent 60 percent of his schedule in Executive Time. Any one of us would be fired if we spent most of our work days watching TV and tweeting. Trump is obsessively jealous of Obama and it shows every single day but he’ll never fit into Obama’s shoes.

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