Trump Supporters Get Really Confused At Latest Rally, Start Chanting “Four More Years,” Think It’s 2020

This is embarrassing.

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Confused Donald Trump supporters began chanting “four more years” during a rally in Missouri on Monday evening, apparently confusing the November 6 midterms with the 2020 presidential race.

Twitter users leaped at the chance to remind the attendees that the president — who’s only been president for two years — wouldn’t be appearing on any ballot today.

“I love the poorly educated,” Trump famously said after winning the Nevada Caucuses in February, 2016. And the feeling is mutual. No real surprise here, but the data are still intriguing, and it does confirm that education levels mattered more than income levels.

This data, collected by FiveThirtyEight, sifted counties by the percentage of residents with a four-year college degree. Clinton gained over eight percentage points on Obama’s 2012 performance in the 50 best-educated counties but lost over 11 points in the 50 least educated counties.

Another interesting factor with Trump supporters is that not only are they not taking care of their minds, but they aren’t taking care of their bodies. According to The Economist, a poll showed that Trump supporters tend to have really poor health. This should spotlight a movement where Trump supporters and those in the GOP will try to champion more comprehensive and accessible healthcare. However, the opposite has been true, with the current Republican administration focusing on economic gains instead of health care, with Democrats talking about affordable healthcare.

Economic and educational disparities were one of the of the defining factors of the 2016 presidential elections. During the 2016 presidential election, polls showed that Trump had a two-point win among college-educated white voters. But now almost two years later, and the polls show that Trump might’ve lost the faith from the well educated white borders, implying that he might’ve alienated them.

Regardless — it seems that many Trump supporters in this rally really had a hard time counting and getting their numbers straight.

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