Trump Responds To Cohen’s Late-Night Bombshell By Going Nuts On Twitter, Attacks Cohen’s Family

He KNOWS he's going down.

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After panic-tweeting this morning, Donald Trump finally responded to the bombshell report from BuzzFeed that uses multiple sources alleging that the president directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. According to the report, “Trump also supported a plan, set up by Cohen, to visit Russia during the presidential campaign, in order to personally meet President Vladimir Putin and jump-start the tower negotiations. “Make it happen,” the sources said Trump told Cohen.

By the way, the first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon was “obstruction by directing others to lie.”

Trump responded to the report by unleashing a veiled threat to Cohen’s father-in-law.

“Kevin Corke, @FoxNews ‘Don’t forget, Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, and as recently as this week, the Wall Street Journal has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars….'” Trump tweeted. “Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!”

Twitter users pounced.

Trump’s children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., are also implicated in the report. While Trump tweets about his wall, the walls are closing in on him and Robert Mueller is paying close attention to all of this. Tick tock, Mr. Trump.

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