Trump Questions Patriotism Of Soldiers In Audience During Speech Even Though He Dodged The Draft

The narcissism is strong in this one.

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Donald Trump isn’t even able to show humility in a ceremony to commemorate a war hero.

Trump was in Fort Drum in upstate New York to sign the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, which is this year’s version of an annual bill that mandates defense policies. In a ceremony that was designed to celebrate McCain, Trump chose not to mention the former prisoner of war, who just passed away after a long fight with brain cancer. Trump even went as far as to skip McCain’s name altogether when citing the actual title of the bill.

Unfortunately, Trump’s immaturity doesn’t stop there. Trump proceeded to question the patriotism of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers, who were present at the ceremony. Typically, Trump’s gift of gab allows him to rally up the crowd, with most people in attendance being his supporters and sensitive to cues as to when they should cheer. In one part of his speech when Trump inquired whether the soldiers would want a pay increase and implied that they would, instead, invest the money in paying down the national debt. Trump then sheepishly asked if anyone wasn’t interested in the pay increase, awkwardly waiting for the crowd to cheer. When he was surprised that no one responded in favor of his grotesque personality of self-indulgence, Trump tried to change the conversation back to the economy — not before patronizing the soldiers by questioning their patriotism.

“Does anyone not want? Please raise your hand. What’s going on here? Are these real patriots? I don’t know general — I don’t know.”

Trump and McCain had been fierce critics of each other, with McCain calling Trump supporters “crazies” back in 2015, and Trump countering by questioning whether McCain, a veteran who was subjected to torture in Vietnam, was really a “war hero” because “he was captured.”

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