Trump Just Turned His 4th Of July Debacle Into A MAGA Rally, Every American Should Be Furious

You knew this was going to happen!

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Let’s face it, Donald Trump’s entire presidency has just been an ongoing MAGA rally and that’s yet another reason why we’re all suffering from fatigue as the former reality show star continues to divide our country.  Trump is taking the unprecedented step of turning Independence Day, a nonpartisan celebration, into an event meant to feed the president’s massive ego.

Holidays used to bring us together, but not with this administration as Trump plans to deliver remarks from the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Fourth of July festivities, that include military aircraft flyovers by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels, a jetliner used as Air Force One, and military tanks.

The White House has promised that this won’t be a partisan event, but apparently — and as a shock to no one ever — it is. The Republican National Committee has been super busy offering major donors VIP tickets to Trump’s speech, as well as political appointees at the White House and executive branch agencies.

“He’s going to have tanks out there. It’s going to be cool,” joked one RNC fundraiser, according to the Huffington Post. He said he received an offer for the free tickets on Friday but did not request any. “He wants to have a parade like they have in Moscow or China or North Korea.”

A spokeswoman from the Republican National Committee confirmed to NBC on Monday that the RNC has already received their ticket allotment for the event. What’s missing here are the tickets for the Democratic National Committee. I mean, Trump said it would be a nonpartisan celebration but instead, the event will feature the president with his sycophants and enablers sitting nearby. So, no one from the DNC is invited to this supposedly nonpartisan event.

NBC reports:

The White House usually provides an allotment of tickets for White House events to each party’s national convention, which then distributes them to members as they see fit.”

It was just last year that Trump said on Fox and Friends that he wants people to sit up at attention for him just as they do for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

It looks like he got his wish. It’s no wonder that at least one major network is refusing to air Trump’s 4th of July MAGA rally.  But don’t let all of this distract you from Trump’s numerous scandals, and that we’ve had two bad jobs reports in the last couple of months.

Some advice: Turn off your TV tomorrow, have a feast with your family and friends, then attend a local event to see a nonpartisan fireworks display.

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