Trump Just Sent Out Tone Deaf Tribute For Parkland Anniversary, Instantly Regrets It

This did NOT go down well.

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Today marks the one year anniversary in which an armed man took the lives of 14 students and 3 teachers in Parkland, Florida. The survivors of that attack led the March For Our Lives movement, with massive rallies held across the nation. To honor the anniversary, Trump unleashed a tweet, crediting himself with taking “immediate action” even though nothing has been done to keep children safe in our country’s schools. Well, thoughts and prayers are usually sent but the funny thing about that is that Trump and the GOP refuse to use thoughts and prayers to protect the Sothern border.

“The day after the tragedy in Parkland, I told the Nation that school safety would be a top priority for my Administration,” It wrote, in part. “We took immediate action, committing ourselves to a sacred vow to do everything in our power to ensure that evil does not stalk our children on the playgrounds or in the hallways of our Nation’s schools. Within days, I convened a listening session at the White House, during which young men and women, joined by family and friends, recounted stories of survival and heroic acts of bravery and remembered those lost to senseless violence.”

“Melania and I join all Americans in praying for the continued healing of those in the Parkland community and all communities where lives have been lost to gun violence,” he added.

America is almost completely desensitized to gun violence due to the inaction of our elected officials. Twitter users jumped in.

Even God was pissed off.

The gun violence in the U.S. continues because Trump has done nothing about it.

It’s appalling that Trump called gun violence “school violence.” It’s a lie he’s using to protect his handlers at the NRA. The Parkland kids are amazing for doing more than the president of the United States about a national crisis.

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