Trump Has His Biggest Twitter Meltdown Yet, Attacks Former Aides And Associates, Gloats About Being In The White House


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Donald Trump unleashed the mother of all tweet storms this morning and just wanted to remind you that he lives in the White House and you don’t! And after that, he made it clear that a wall is a wall. And now you know.

Trump is upset over Cliff Sims’ tell-all book that reveals how chaotic and self-serving this administration is.

Apparently, if you tweet in Republican caps it means you’re super serious.

In case you didn’t know, he wants that wall, dammit.

He then yelled at Democrats who apparently have late-term abortions every weekend.

The current occupant of the White House is acting like a squatter who knows he doesn’t legally belong there. It’s almost as if another shoe is about to drop, but we’ll know that when he tweets, “WITCH HUNT!” again.

Featured image via screen capture

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606 points
Conover Kennard
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