Trump Goes On Twitter, Asks All Media To Apologize To Him


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When first taking office, Donald Trump blasted CNN, then moved on to lash out at other networks, including ABC.  But recently, Trump has demeaned his favorite network, Fox News, even to the point of telling his fire-breathing supporters to “find a new news outlet.” On Thursday morning, Trump demanded that all media outlets “apologize” to him. Trump was irked at Lawrence O’Donnell after the MSNBC host issued a retraction over a story alleging that Russian oligarchs co-signed loans for Trump with Deutsche Bank. Now, O’Donnell did acknowledge that his information came from a single source, but Trump threatened legal action, and a retraction was then made.

Trump also noted in a series of tweets that “Crazy Lawrence O’Donnell” has also said unfavorable things about the former reality show star in the past, as well as The Apprentice. And that’s what it’s all about with President Bedbugs as he tries to protect his highly toxic brand.

Whatever Trump says, you know the opposite is true.


This is a common practice of Trump’s; deny everything even when you get caught.

Deutsche Bank confirmed on Tuesday that it had tax returns relevant to House Democrats’ subpoenas for the financial records of Trump, his adult family members, and his businesses, and that’s what’s likely getting under Mr. Trump’s skin.

Trump could, of course, just clear this up by giving Deutsch Bank the OK to release the documents. Furthermore, he could also release his fucking tax returns so that the public could be reassured that he wasn’t bought and paid for. After all, that was one of his campaign promises.

Trump needs to apologize to the U.S. for creating havoc on this country just to own the libs.

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