Trump Goes On The Mother Of All Tweetstorms, Says He’s “So Good Looking” And A “Stable Genius”

What a hot mess!

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Donald Trump unleashed quite a tweetstorm Thursday morning to rage at the world, and to tell his followers that he’s better looking than Elizabeth Warren, who he claims is a “skinny” version of Pocahontas. And, by the way, Warren looks like she is in far better shape than the “president.” We would never fat-shame anyone, but since Trump brought up looks, which he shouldn’t have considering that he’s obese, then that makes him fair game.

Trump began his morning by tweeting about his social media gathering, which consists of far-right-wing trolls.

Then he raged about the fake news media.

Then, things took a darker turn.

He’s “just kidding”! Also, he tagged some random dude who will now be inundated with mentions on Twitter.

Trump is obviously worried about Warren who is gaining traction in the polls.

After that, Trump bragged about the economy. We won’t include those tweets because they’re redundant. The scandal-plagued former reality show star did, however, bring up Deutsche Bank FOR SOME REASON.

And, of course, Trump defended Deutsche Bank even though he claimed to not need loans even though the bank has loaned him a hefty amount of money.

Then he defended his concentration camps by bringing up former President Barack Obama.

What this guy said:

And this guy:

Trump’s insecurity is displayed daily in his Twitter timeline, but today he jumped the shark. Apparently, Trump, who considers himself to be good looking, had all of the mirrors in the White House removed.

Featured image via US National News’s gallery

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