Trump Goes On Saturday Morning Tweetstorm, Goes After MSNBC Anchor

This makes no sense.

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Donald Trump on Saturday morning used his Twitter account to seemingly quote himself as being a “stable genius” again, then he proceeded to thank himself for his own quote. And to prove that he’s a genius, he launched an insane tweetstorm, directing his anger on MSNBC‘s  Joy Reid. Reid’s show had not even started yet — it’s scheduled for 10:00 AM. However, Reid did fill in for Chris Hayes last night and discussed the federal appeals court’s ruling in New York on Friday that allowed a lawsuit accusing the “president” of violating the Emoluments Clause to proceed.

Then, even though Trump claimed to not know who Joy Reid is, the former reality show star claimed that she has “NO talent, and truly doesn’t have the “it” factor needed for success in showbiz” and called NBC “losers.”

After Trump’s tweet, Joy Reid posted that Texas Rep.  Sheila Jackson will be on her show to discuss the possibility of impeaching Trump.

We can’t imagine why Trump attacks women of color (wink wink):

Reid also brought up last night Trump’s deal with Prestwick Airport in Scotland, which is yet another example of the former reality show star profiting from the presidency. While Trump is sitting the White House hate-watchng TV,  he is terrified of the prospect of articles of impeachment being filed, after all, his reelection is probably the only thing that will keep him out of prison.

One hundred years from now, hist0ry books will use this “presidency” as a guide of what not to do. History will also have to note the new moniker given to 45: “Pussy Ass Bitch.”

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