Trump Goes After “Terrible” London Mayor On Twitter After He Criticized POTUS For Playing Golf During Hurricane

What big crybaby!

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Donald Trump went to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Labor Day as southern states braced for Hurricane Dorian, which at the time had reached a Category 5. And this, just after yet another mass shooting in Texas. Trump’s latest excursion marked his 227th day at a Trump golf club and 295th day at a Trump property as “president.” People noticed that the “America First” president is apparently a very shallow man who doesn’t give a shit about U.S. citizens as they face another potential disaster.

This didn’t escape London Mayor Sadiq Khan either as he mocked the former reality show star for “dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course” over the weekend. It was just too much for Trump to handle as he took to his Twitter account to whine while claiming that it was “a very fast round of golf” as he attacked Khan. But as he called Khan “incompetent,” Trump misspelled the London Mayor’s name, deleted the tweet, then corrected it — and STILL spelled the Mayor’s last name wrong.

Trump blasted former President Barack Obama for years for golfing and yet, Trump has surpassed his predecessors’ outings.

Khan’s comments came after Trump pulled out of a trip to Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II to concentrate on Hurricane Dorian, but instead, he played golf at his private club in Virginia.

Then, Trump somehow marked this solemn occasion by congratulating Poland on the anniversary of the Nazi invasion.

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