Trump Goes After Fox News Again On Twitter, Wants To “Find A New News Outlet”

Someone's feelings are hurt this morning:(

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Donald Trump is lashing out at everyone this morning, including his favorite network, Fox News. Now, we’re not sure what Fox News reported on that made the “president” come unglued on Wednesday morning but a few jaw-dropping scandals have popped up. Probably the one in particular that set Trump off is that Deutsche Bank confirmed they have tax returns relating to subpoenas for the former reality show star’s family and companies. The info also reveals that Trump has paid little to no income tax. Also worth noting, it’s been reported that Russian oligarch’s co-signed Trump’s loans with the money launderers bank.

So, maybe, just maybe, since the aforementioned scandals are trending on Twitter, that’s the reason for Trump’s latest outburst. Also, Trump has a grudge against Fox News over its polling that shows his numbers plummeting. So, the “president” wants the public to “start looking for a new news outlet.”

A helpful suggestion:

It’s all a distraction:

Trump has now bashed every single major network so we’re not sure which news source Trump wants his rabid supporters to flock to. Stormfront is still online, though.

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