Trump Dismisses Elizabeth Warren’s Crowd Size After More People Attended Her Rally Over His: “Anybody Could Do That”

What a petty little man.

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To Donald Trump, size matters. The “president” has repeatedly tried to claim that he won the popular vote against Hillary Clinton (he did not win the popular vote). And now,  Trump is trying to discredit Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s crowd-size in New York City last night, likely because she drew far more attendees than the former reality show star did on Monday night in New Mexico.

Thousands of people were at Elizabeth Warren’s rally at Washington Square Park just a few hours before thousands attended President Donald Trump’s rally in New Mexico. But, it’s all in the numbers. 20,000 people flocked to Warren’s rally while Trump’s venue only had a capacity for 7,000 people. The Trump campaign claimed that several thousand more lined up outside the stadium to hear their ‘president,’ but that number pales in comparison to Warren’s rally and that was too much for Donald to handle.

Trump spoke with reporters during a flight from Albuquerque, N.M., to Mountain View, Calif., where the “president” has reelection fundraisers planned in a state that hates him.

“Anybody that can’t get people standing in the middle of Manhattan in the most densely populated area of the country — anybody could do that,” Trump said of Warren’s rally. “I think more Democrats should do it. I get these crowds in areas that nobody’s ever seen crowds before. Pretty amazing.”

But then, the “president” who exaggerates his own crowd-sizes, claimed that Warren’s crowd wasn’t as big as her campaign claimed.

“Number one, she didn’t have 20,000 people and number two, I think anybody would get a good crowd there,” Trump said. “I think you have a good crowd there if you don’t even go there, just say you’re going and how many people are in the park.”

Well, we’re sure Trump couldn’t get that sort of crowd-size in New York City unless they were carrying torches and pitchforks. Trump’s own hometown loathes him.

Warren’s crowd in Washington Square Park was so large that it almost filled the entire 10-acre park. Trump should be worried about Warren. She’s running an anti-corruption campaign and at her rally, she described Trump as “corruption in the flesh.”

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