Trump Claims World Leaders Think He’s Doing A Great Job, Says They Wonder “Why American Media Hate Your Country So Much”

Literally no one believes this.

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Former reality show star Donald Trump is showing what a hard worker he is at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France and he’s doing it all while wearing high-heeled shoes. What a nifty guy this Trump fellow is. Trump is bashing the “fake and disgusting news,” of course, because he cannot handle even the slightest bit of criticism. But, just to give his claims credence, Trump is tweeting that all of the world leaders who have gathered at the summit “think the USA is doing so well” and that they have asked the current occupant of the White House why the media is “rooting for it to fail?”

Trump is deflecting from reports of a looming recession and he knows that will doom his reelection, so the “president” claimed that world leaders asked him why the media “hates” our country.

“The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders, who think the USA is doing so well and is stronger than ever before, happens to be, ‘Mr. President, why does the American media hate your Country so much?'” he tweeted. “‘Why are they rooting for it to fail?'”

No one believes you, Donald.

Even this dickwad now hates the ‘president’ and he once vowed to take up arms if Trump was not elected. And now, Joe Walsh is going to primary Trump.

Trump has blasted newspapers that use anonymous sources in the past, but he did not name one world leader who attacked the U.S. media. Of course, only Trump’s fire-breathing, lint-licking supporters believe his lies, but his base is about to be hit economically. And when something affects them, then they will turn on him so fast that his miserable head will spin. And the world leaders that Trump referred to will breathe a sigh of relief because no one wants to deal with an unhinged septuagenarian.

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