Trump Celebrates The Mueller Report By Making Money, Sells “Witch Hunt” Merchandise

It doesn't get tackier than this.

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Donald Trump has been bragging about not colluding with a foreign government so much so that he’s found a way to monetize what he calls a “witch hunt” even though a lot of witches have been rounded up. Trump is taking a premature victory lap following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report being handed over to his Attorney General — even though the public has no idea what’s in it, and it specifically states that the report does not exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice. Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr presented a short summary of the Special Counsel conclusions, but the report itself has not been made public.

Trump’s 2020 campaign is now selling a new line of merchandise to mark the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation, and, apparently, facts don’t matter anymore.

Trump supporters can openly show off their stupidity by purchasing T-shirts, mugs, and decals on the president’s official website featuring his “WITCH HUNT” tweet. For $30.00  you can be the shameless owner of a “witch hunt” coffee mug.

The description reads:


The Democrats raised millions off a lie. Now we FIGHT BACK!”

Again, we still haven’t seen the underlying evidence that the special counsel amassed over two years but we do know that it does not exonerate Donald Trump from obstruction of justice.

It doesn’t get tackier than this:

The profits from the sales of the merch go to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which the official website describes as “a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.”

The House passed a resolution unanimously (420-0) to make Mueller’s final report public, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked it and that totally doesn’t look suspicious at all. Trump claimed that it wouldn’t bother him “at all” if Mueller’s full report is released so we’re not sure what’s stopping the president from having it released.

The “witch hunt” resulted in nearly 200 charges against 34 people and three Russian companies. Trump’s former campaign manager might spend the rest of his life in prison and Trump’s former national security adviser hasn’t been sentenced yet. Others in Trump’s orbit have been sent to prison, too.

But hey, nice coffee mug!

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