Trump Caught On Tape Confessing The Real Reason He Ran For POTUS, It Is Disgusting

This is just horrifying.

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I read an article in the New Yorker earlier today before I sat down to work, in which the author implored her readers to listen to all of Donald Trump’s October pre-midterm rallies. A Trump rally, for the uninitiated, is an event where the President of the United States yells about women, Mexicans, and the media for a little over an hour while a roomful of people who think anyone who opposes him should go to jail cheer him on.

It’s important that I lay out the background like that, because the article that I read insisted that, being as the President is saying real things that have a real effect on real people’s lives, we shouldn’t let the fact that even the one cable news network that has loyally reported everything he says as gospel is beginning to realize he doesn’t get ratings anymore dissuade us from being outraged.

The thing is, we ARE outraged, but it doesn’t take listening to the six (6) rallies he did that month to maintain the appropriate level of fury at his disdain for everything normal about leading a country.

There’s also policy: As a matter of policy, this White House supports sexual predators and abusers. As a matter of policy, this White House overturns any regulation that costs any company a single dime, even if it means old people and children will literally choke on the very air they breathe. As a matter of policy, this President has proven over and over again that his primary concern is for those in his own tax bracket — and has been since he first ran for office.

Is it hard to believe that a President could be so cynical and single-minded? Consider this video, captured inside the 21 Club Steakhouse, a restaurant whose least expensive entrée is a hamburger that costs $36, just after the electoral college handed him the presidency:

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson outsmarted Donald Trump that night, who had attempted to avoid the press by not announcing his schedule, and she captured him on tape telling “his people” — certainly not the “working class” we were told were the ones who elected him — exactly what they wanted to hear:

We’ll get your taxes down — don’t worry about it.”

I don’t need to watch any more Trump rallies to know he still means it.

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