Trump Backtracks On His Previous Comment About Being “The Chosen One,” Says He Just Was “Kidding”

This doesn't make any sense.

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Apparently, if you keep repeating a lie, it suddenly becomes true. Just like that. This tactic is something that former reality show star Donald Trump repeatedly tries to use. “President” Trump said it was “fake news” that anyone took his remarks seriously about being “the chosen one” and added that he “was kidding” when he implied that he was God. Haha, that jokey jokester!

Trump fired off a couple of tweets to once again claim that he does not have a messiah complex even though he has exhibited that since day one of entering the White House, but this time, he said it out loud.

Sure, he was “just having fun” by trolling the libs, Christians, and anyone who is sane in this timeline. Trump’s remarks are incredible and show him to be unfit for office.

Twitter users were not amused.

The only problem with Trump’s joke is that he was completely serious when he unleashed his jaw-dropping remarks. For the sake of posterity, watch Trump as he’s totally not joking about being the ‘Chosen One’:


Featured image via screen capture

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