Trump Aides Are Worried About Trump Going Unsupervised During Christmas Vacation, Say “He’s Acting Like A Nut”

This can't be good.

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Some senior White House aides are reportedly unnerved by Donald Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior in the past couple of weeks — and many are worried that he may be unstable during the upcoming weeks, where he will be unsupervised during a holiday break. Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported that there is a former official who has said that staffers are “fed up” with Trump.

He’s acting like a nut. They can’t get him to stop tweeting.”

While attending a White House Christmas party, outgoing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Trump seemed “jovial” — but others are quick to point out that Trump’s temperament can be neurotic and volatile. One source told Vanity Fair that Bill Shine, the former Fox news anchor who now acts as a communications director for the White House’s West Wing, is very “frustrated” — so much so that he is considering signing a month-to-month lease for his Washington apartment in the case he needs to jump ship. Staffers expect that there will be even more departures amid the shakeup from outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly.

It was thought that Kelly was able to tame Trump’s antics, a place that was run by amateurs and defined by chaos. Leaks had functioned as both a cause and a symptom; leaks described a state of chaos and paranoia, which created more chaos and paranoia, which prompted yet more leaks, and then leaks about the leaking, pointing fingers at suspected leakers.

Unfortunately, Kelly was never able to fix the place or even make any tangible improvements during his 16-month tenure at the White House. Now he’s been replaced by the “acting” chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who is currently wearing two hats as the director of the Office of Management and Budget and the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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