Trump Abruptly Stops Boarding Air Force One, Gets Into Heated Argument With Reporters

This is crazy.

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Donald Trump’s relationship with the press hasn’t gotten any better as his disastrous presidency drags on, and even though the Republican Party desperately needs him to behave, Trump truly doesn’t know how to be nice to the press.

We saw this earlier today, when the president lashed out at reporters in the Oval Office simply because they were doing their jobs and asking questions that the American public deserves to know.

This is standard for Trump, though. Let’s not forget that Trump has often stopped everything he was doing to attack a reporter on Twitter or in person. Earlier this year, Trump slammed reporters for cornering him on his own lies about the $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels – and we all know there’s nothing Trump hates more than being called out.

In that particular instance, Trump lost his temper and blew up at reporters right as he was supposed to be boarding Air Force One. Trump stopped in his tracks, turned around, and gave reporters an earful once they asked, “when did you change your story on Stormy Daniels?” Trump responded and tried to pivot to another topic:

We’re not changing any stories. All I’m telling you is this country is right now running so smooth and to be bringing up that kind of crap and to be bringing up witch hunts all the time, that’s all you want to talk about.”

And when reporters pressed him further, the president lost it and things got heated. Trump yelled at the press:

You’re going to see — excuse me, excuse me — no but you have to — excuse me, you take a look at what I said. You go back and take a look. You’ll see what I said — excuse me, excuse me — you go take a look at what we said…But this is a witch-hunt like — but what I do want you to do is look at our economy.”

This is so unpresidential and we cannot wait until we have a president who treats the media with respect. You can watch Trump lose his sh*t below:

Featured image via screen capture

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