Top Prosecutor Reveals Sealed Litigation In DC Court Could Mean Mueller Has Already Subpoenaed Trump

Secret litigation is already making its way through the courts.

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There are signs that Robert Muller may have already subpoenaed President Donald Trump to compel testimony about possible collusion between Russia and obstruction of justice. A legal expert on MSNBC named Nelson Cunningham served as a general counsel of Senate Judiciary Committee and is currently a federal prosecutor in the all-important (to the case of Trump) Southern District of New York. He explains:

There is some sealed litigation in the D.C. courts, that’s bounced back from the district court to the court of appeals, back to district court, back to the court of appeals — in rapid-fire fashion. The action was filed on Aug. 16. If you’ll remember, Rudy Giuliani said on Aug. 15 ‘We’re almost done with our opposition to a subpoena motion.’ The very next day, this mystery litigation began.”

According to public records, only one judge has recused himself from consideration — and this judge is the one that Trump appointed to the court. Cunningham pontificates:

You put the pieces together and it could well be the president, who is litigating with Robert Mueller, over a piece of secret litigation, perhaps a subpoena that Mueller has given to Trump and which his lawyers are fighting.”

As this secret litigation is torpedoing through the courts, the investigation is still in danger. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Republican-led Senate will not take up any legislation aimed at protecting the special counsel from being fired by Trump. When asked if the Senate would move on the bill, McConnell’s response was straight to the point:

We are not going to do that.”

McConnell also said that Trump has no intention of firing Mueller, despite his opposition, which he has famously labeled as a “witch hunt.” McConnell also said that he has not changed his views on the matter now that Trump has appointed Matt Whitaker, a loyalist. Whitaker replaced Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the midterms, following a protracted power struggle between the AG and the President.

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