Source Reveals Trump’s Chief Of Staff “On Shaky Ground” Amid Ukraine Fallout

Trump knows he's going down - and not on Melania.

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Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney appears to be in the Trump administration’s crosshairs as that ever-revolving door at the White House has seen an abundant amount of exits. Mulvaney has been in the news lately after it was reported that he told the commerce secretary to have the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration publicly disavow the forecasters’ position that Alabama was not at risk.

That, of course, was during the time that y’all’s totally honest “president” altered a weather map. Our point here is that Mulvaney, like the rest of the skeletal crew in the White House, is a Trump lackey, but apparently this time, he didn’t lick the “president’s” boots hard enough.

It’s been a really bad week for Trump with the whistleblower fallout resulting in calls for an impeachment inquiry, and it looks like those in Trump’s orbit are blaming Mulvaney for not being prepared for the shitshow that ensued following the release of the summary of the “president’s” July 25 call with Ukraine’s leader and the whistleblower complaint. Trump reportedly believed that releasing the partial summary was necessary but the “president” and some of his aides are frustrated with Mulvaney for not having a strategy to defend and explain the contents of those documents as soon as they were publicly released, according to CNN.

A source said that it’s not just Trump, but there is widespread frustration in the White House over the lack of a response plan to deal with the fallout after the release of the whistleblower complaint ignited more controversy surrounding the “president” and, according to that source, Mulvaney is taking the heat for that.

Even though Mulvaney is in deep shit right now, the sources told CNN that he might not get fired given that the White House is already chaotic. Trump really doesn’t need any more controversy.

You see, it’s apparently not Trump’s fault for being a treasonous asshole, it’s Mulvaney’s for not having a clear explanation for why Trump appears to be a treasonous asshole.

Trump counsel Jay Sekulow is the lucky guy assigned to respond to congressional legal issues. In a statement, Sekulow said, “There is no war room being established. This is not a war. This is a skirmish. I am confident that our existing legal team will be in a position to respond appropriately to any developments.”

Meaning: This administration is fucked and we don’t have a plan.

Trump is going down — and not on Melania.

Featured image via The White House, public domain

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