Sarah Sanders Apparently Unable To Find New Job After Killing Her Reputation In Trump Administration

Gee, nobody could have seen THIS coming.

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By now it’s extremely obvious that working for Donald Trump is pretty much like committing career suicide. Trump’s administration members become jokes to America, and people like White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have learned this a little too late.

It’s no secret that Sanders has been scaling back her press briefings and appearances over the last few months, and back in June it was reported that Sanders and her deputy Raj Shah were actually making moves to leave the administration by the end of the year. Sanders never came forward to deny that report by CBS, but she may actually need to stay on because she’s found it near impossible to find a new job after tarnishing her image.

Despite being in the thick of January, there haven’t been any announcements about the departures of Sarah and Shah, despite the fact that many other administration members are running out the door. Yahoo News is reporting that this is because Sanders and Shah are struggling to find new jobs — which must have something to do with their affiliation with Trump, as the unemployment rate is low right now.

When Sanders was asked about her plans, she merely responded that she was “traveling” at the moment, and Shah has removed his “deputy white house press secretary” title from his Twitter bio.

While Sarah is likely devastated that she can’t quit working for Trump right now, she may have to stay on far longer than she wanted to because Trump will have a hard time finding a replacement. An anonymous source told Yahoo! News that no one credible wants to go anywhere near the Trump administration. They said:

No professional in good standing will even interview for a job. It’s a zombie comms shop. Night of the living dead.”

Trump’s White House is pretty much being evacuated thanks to his vile personality and leadership.

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