Revolving Door In The Trump Administration Continues To Spin As Acting Attorney General Leaves The Justice Department

He didn't last very many Scaramuccis.

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Ex-acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker quietly left the Justice Department on Saturday, adding to the long list of Trump administration officials to hit the revolving door at the White House. Whitaker had served as ex-Attorney General Jeff Session’s chief of staff, and his role was reportedly to be Donald Trump’s “eyes and ears” in the Justice Department. Whitaker still has questions he needs to answer, though, as he became the latest in Trump’s administration to come under scrutiny, so the timing is interesting.

NBC broke the news of Whitaker’s departure:

The Los Angeles Times’ Del Quentin Wilber also tweeted out the news.

Whitaker believed in the expansive use of executive authority. It’s not clear why he’s exiting the scandal-plagued administration, but according to the New York Post, he resigned but the reason for his exit is unclear.

We’re not sure where he’s headed next, but perhaps he could return to promoting a “MASCULINE TOILET,” which boasted to have a specially designed bowl to help “well-endowed men” avoid any sort of contact with porcelain or water.

Yeah, the ‘best people,’ you guys.

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