Republicans In Free Fall After Their Tax Law Royally Backfires

This is NOT good news for the Grand Old Party.

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The Republican National Committee, an organization that represents modern-day conservatism and initiates efforts to position constituents for political success, has recently run its own poll to measure the success of the party’s recent tax bill — and the results aren’t what the RNC expected.

The poll showed that most voters realize that the tax breaks spearheaded by Donald Trump and his administration have benefited mainly corporations and wealthy individuals more than the middle class.

The poll, which Bloomberg has obtained and reported on Thursday, comes just weeks before the midterm elections, putting a spotlight on a potentially difficult path that Republicans have if they want to maintain control of the Senate. Republicans have long been hoping that the tax cuts would help galvanize their base and benefit them in the midterm elections.

However, this report says that the GOP has “lost the messaging battle on the issue.” The survey found that 61 percent of participants stated that the law had helped corporations and the wealthy more than the middle class, but 30 percent said the opposite.

But there is one way that the tax breaks are benefiting Republicans: It has helped unlock millions of dollars in campaign donations from wealthy conservatives and corporate interests that will line their pockets. They are the winners of the Trump tax cuts, and they will repay the favor by lining the pockets of Republicans. Billionaires and corporations have already put millions of tax dollars into the Congressional Leadership Fund. According to the New York Times, this is a super PAC that is aligned with speaker Paul Ryan and busies itself by trying to discredit Democratic candidates vying to wrest control of the House.

The super PAC include donors like casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who has donated $30 million. Adelson and his Las Vegas company reported a nearly $700 million windfall from the Trump tax break. Timothy Mellon, the owner of a privately held collection of companies that includes aviation and rail, has contributed $24 million. Valero Services an oil refining company in Texas benefited from the tax cuts to the tune of $1.9 billion. The company turned around and rewarded the Republicans with a $1.5 million donation. These companies represent a tiny number of the corporations and executives who have largely benefited from the tax breaks and are now buying Republicans.

This Republican-controlled Congress has been like every other Congress in history in which the GOP has held the reins — relinquish billions in revenue from those who can afford to pay it most, and take it back from those who can afford it least.

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