Reporters Asked Trump About His Racism, Stunned By His Insane Response As Cameras Rolled

This is breathtakingly vile.

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Even though the midterm elections have just passed and the Republican Party took a beating from minority voters, Donald Trump is doing very little to clean up his act and convince America that he’s not racist. That’s because no matter what he does, the president’s bigotry and hatred can’t help but shine through.

Trump had a confrontation with reporters before the midterm, and we can’t help but think it may have impacted the vote. When reporters asked the president about his claim that there are “unknown Middle Easterners” and terrorists in the migrant caravan heading toward the border, Trump’s reaction was absolutely vicious. Trump said:

You know what you should do, John? Go into the middle of the caravan, take your cameras, and search.

Take your camera, go into the middle, and search. You’re gonna find MS-13, you’re gonna find Middle Eastern, you’re gonna find everything. And guess what? We’re not allowing them in our country. We want safety.”

Watch Trump snap in the footage below:

Do any of us need to be reminded about just how unstable, moronic and dangerous Trump is? It didn’t take long before several reporters came forward to fact-check Trump and put him back in his place:

These are comments that no president should be making, but Trump has managed to get away with these statements thanks to the Republican Party’s spineless leadership. We can’t get rid of these racists soon enough.

Featured image via screen capture

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