Report Claims Trump Asked UK PM Boris Johnson For Help To Discredit Mueller

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Considering the latest development, it’s no wonder that Donald Trump supported Boris Johnson for Prime Minister of the U.K. The former reality show star likes to have loyalists in his orbit but that loyalty is a one-way street. Trump just can’t stop asking the leaders of foreign governments for favors that would help him personally.

Just two weeks after Boris Johnson took office, Trump personally asked the newly minted UK Prime Minister for help in order to discredit the Mueller investigation. Trump sought Johnson’s help during a congratulatory phone call on July 26,  according to reports.

Conspiracy theorist Donald Trump has previously accused British agencies of spying on him, which GCHQ (Britain’s version of the NSA) had dismissed as “utterly ridiculous.” Ironically, Israel appears to have spied on the Trump administration but the “president” has never addressed that with his former BFF Benjamin Netanyahu. However, Trump has never let facts get in his way. Netanyahu, by the way, is doing about as well as Boris Johnson these days, as everything Trump touches turns to shit.

It’s not just the U.K., either. Trump has also contacted the leaders of Australia and Ukraine to ask for assistance so that Attorney General William Barr can gather evidence to undermine the investigation. Trump has more than one scandal to deal with as he attempts to show that each investigation is politically motivated, a thought that only his most rabid supporters will believe. According to reports, Trump pushed the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call to help Barr gather information for a Justice Department inquiry to discredit the Mueller investigation.

After July 26th, Attorney General William Barr ventured to London to attend a meeting of an intelligence-sharing alliance and told British officials about his suspicions about British agencies and their role in the Mueller probe, Market Watch reports. Barr appears to be serving as Trump’s personal attorney as his own, Rudy Giuliani, is left flailing in the wind on various networks.

Australian, Ukrainian and Italian officials have also confirmed calls from Trump. Trump’s Ukraine scandal produced what the Russian probe did not: formal House impeachment proceedings based on the “president’s” own words and actions — some of which are displayed on his Twitter timeline every single day.

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