Rachel Maddow Destroys Trump Over His Penchant For Violence, Americans Will Remember This In 2020

This segment speaks volumes.

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The White House has always denied that President Donald Trump encourages or endorses violence, though there have been multiple instances covered by in-depth reporter Rachel Maddow that run counter to that claim.

Take for instance, the violence bestowed upon the media. Since taking office, Trump has attacked the media on various occasions for covering stories about him that did not meet his ego-praising standards. When Trump first called the media “enemy of the people” last year, it elicited outrage. The president wants positive news coverage for himself and critical coverage of his adversaries. “Fake news,” “enemy of the people,” and all the other media-bashing is simply a means of causing havoc amongst his supporters. The president’s war of words with the media has contributed to a base of support that is invulnerable to negative news.

Speaking of Trump’s base, they are the ones violently causing riots during peaceful protests and their great leader is the one encouraging it. Trump literally has said that he “misses the old days” when violence among protesters was fair game. First of all, that is never fair game, and secondly attempting to physically hurt people who are expressing their freedom of speech is down right illegal.

As Rachel Maddow mentions in her segment, the violence that surrounds our country is a “civil rights issue” that has been started by the man running our great nation. Trump has a extensive history of calling for violent acts against those who protest at his events that goes back until at least August of last year. Rachel Maddow actually presents a play-by-play timeline of that:

Watch the segment below:

The question now is whether Trump’s advocacy for violence is enough to prevail in the upcoming mid-term congressional elections and, eventually, carry him to re-election victory in 2020. As of now, Trump’s 2020 re-election odds are not promising. More and more Americans are finally realizing that violence and vulgarity are not characteristics a president should have.

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