Pompeo Responds To Allegations That He Played A Role In Ukraine Scandal, Says House Is Trying To Bully Him


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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also caught up in Donald Trump’s latest scandal after it was revealed that he was personally in on the phone call between Ukraine’s leader and the former reality show star even though he lied about that previously.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has subpoenaed Pompeo over his involvement in Trump’s Ukraine scandal. In fact, Congress is trying to obtain depositions from five current and former State Department officials as part of the impeachment inquiry, but as usual in this administration, the Secretary of State is refusing to allow his “president” to be held accountable and yet, he just accused Democrats of bullying and intimidation.

Pompeo’s tweets did not go down well.

Pompeo’s letter that he posted on Twitter is the latest move by the Trump administration to avoid providing House Democrats with testimony and documents relating to numerous different investigations of the scandal-plagued “president.” Democrats have accused Trump of a policy of stonewalling legitimate congressional inquiries, and this administration seems to confirm that daily.

Trump is now trying to find out the whistleblower’s identity, and that totally makes him look less guilty (wink wink).

I think it’s way past time to start locking these motherfuckers up.

Featured image via U.S. Department of State, public domain

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