People Of Ireland Sent Trump A Powerful Message He Won’t Be Able To Ignore

Trump must be so embarrassed!

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No one wants Donald Trump. Not the Americans he is supposed to be governing, and not even other citizens of the world, who would only have to tolerate America’s unhinged POTUS for a short period of time. Trump has turned the world off so much that no one wants him in their country, making foreign diplomacy particularly challenging as mass protests become a regular occurrence whenever Trump travels outside the United States.

Trump knows it, too – which is probably why he was so miserable at the G20 summit this weekend in Argentina. Let’s not forget that Trump has regularly avoided places (like the UK) because he couldn’t stand that people hated him and weren’t going to give him a warm welcome. It’s a surprise that Trump even goes anywhere now. While we may not have heard about any mass protests happening in Argentina, we need to remember that they’re still happening and serve as proof that the president is still hated on a global level.

For example, when the White House officially announced that Trump would visit Ireland to “renew the deep and historic ties between our two nations” as part of a larger trip to Europe, it didn’t take long before a new hashtag — #TrumpIsNotWelcomeInIreland — was born. Pretty much as soon as the president’s visit was confirmed, people in Ireland began protesting and freaking out.

The reactions were brutal, to say the least. Many gave powerful responses about why Trump would not be welcomed, and some also promised protests. To deepen the wound for Trump, many even reminded the undeserving POTUS that the world still loves his predecessor, Barack Obama. Here are some of the most notable reactions to Trump’s planned visit:

This protest happened over a year and a half into Trump’s presidency. This proves that the opposition to Trump will not be subdued with time and will only grow louder with ever f*ckup he makes.

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