Melania Ashamed Of Trump After POTUS Gets Dragged At Funeral, This Statement Says It All

The reluctant First Lady may have just reached her breaking point.

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To say that Donald Trump has humiliated and made First Lady Melania resent her public life since his presidency would be an understatement. In the midst of all of his sex scandals and abuse allegations, Melania has been known to disappear from the public eye for weeks at a time, and to avoid her husband at all costs when it becomes too much. Melania is apparently feeling the heat again, as her husband has blatantly mishandled his responsibilities and power in office.

Most recently, the First Lady has been horrified by the negative attention her husband has been getting thanks to his terrible reaction to the death of Senator John McCain. As McCain’s funeral was today, we saw former presidents George W. Bush AND Barack Obama and even McCain’s own daughter Meghan completely trash America’s current POTUS.

And that’s not all. Those insults followed the public bashing that Trump took at Aretha Franklin’s recent funeral. The criticism toward her husband and the shame he has brought on the First Lady’s family is getting all too much, and Melania is leaning on inside sources for support. In an exclusive interview, one particular source stated that Melania feels “horrible” about what her husband’s done.

The source stated that Melania was devastated by Reverend Al Sharpton’s words at Franklin’s funeral when Sharpton very accurately stated that Trump needed to learn the meaning of respect. This left the First Lady feeling more embarrassed by Trump than she has ever been.

Melania feels humiliated and embarrassed by the multiple Donald insults at the Aretha funeral. It makes Melania feel horrible that Donald is not welcome or invited to Aretha’s funeral as well as McCain’s funeral and then to hear about speakers making subtle jabs at her husband while speaking at Aretha’s funeral only makes things worse. Melania wishes more people liked her family and is constantly embarrassed by the public’s opinion of her husband and when people take shots at him and her family, it really stings.”

A source also stated that her husband’s horrible reputation has been so damaging to her, that she’s trying to get her husband to behave. The source said:

Melania is constantly pleading with Donald to choose his words more carefully and tone it down when speaking in public, to the press or even in private. From the first time Melania heard what Donald said to Billy Bush about grabbing women’s privates to the President’s daily wild tweets, Melania is constantly monitoring, watching and dreading every word her husband speaks or tweets.”

And it gets worse. While she’s complicit in her husband’s presidency, no one should have to live on the brink of a panic attack, in fear of what Trump might do next — and that’s exactly what is happening to the First Lady. The source explained just how Melania is being driven to insanity by Trump:

She fears what he will say next and is tired of the stress of worrying about what he will say or tweet. Melania has begged him to slow down and be more careful with his words, but she is slowly giving up hope as Donald refuses to listen to her or anyone. He continues to do and say whatever he wants, and it is driving Melania mad.”

Perhaps the First Lady is finally starting to feel like the rest of us.

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