Lindsey Graham Went On National Television, Shocked Everyone With Racist Comments

The Senator has fallen so far.

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On Fox and Friends Tuesday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham removed all doubt as to why some of his detractors refer to him as “Graham Cracker,” as he made possibly the most disgusting racially-charged comment of the year for a Republican on live television — and there’s been plenty of competition.

The racism across the GOP has been flowing freely since Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren’s longstanding feud reignited over the release of her DNA test — which Trump had called for in the past, promising to pay a million dollars to her favorite charity if she did so and it proved she had Native American heritage. But it hasn’t been limited to Trump himself, who doubled down on his racist nickname for Warren, “Pocahontas,” and did the same with his sexist language.

Graham, appearing on Trump’s favorite morning show — and fully aware, no doubt, that Trump was watching — joked about taking a DNA test himself, telling the hosts “I think I can beat her” in terms of how much Cherokee heritage he has in his ancestry. Everyone had a great laugh, and they went on with the show.

But then the hosts circled back to the test that Graham is supposedly going to take, telling him they were looking forward to seeing him soon and examining the results of his DNA assay.

Still speaking freely, Lindsey Graham opened his mouth and said something that will make the President proud — but make the rest of America sick:

I’ll probably be Iranian, that’d be, like, terrible.”

Watch his disgusting comment here:

Senator Graham is no better than the white nationalists running for Congress in the Republican Party just because his racism is couched in laughter and “jokes” and a nationality that makes Republicans more uncomfortable than even Mexicans.

Iranians of America — we stand with you, and against these hateful comments.

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