Judge Strikes Down Trump’s Attempt To Overhaul Bureaucracy, POTUS Sulking In Silence

He likes to play king, but he's a clown prince.

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Donald Trump has tried to do everything he can to follow in the footsteps of his dictator role models. With a deep admiration and man crush on terrifying world leaders such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian president Vladimir Putin, Trump is doing everything in his power to do away with America’s protocol and all systems of checks and balances so he can run the country however the hell he wants. But unfortunately for the unhinged president, some Americans are stronger than the spineless Republicans who let him get away with everything.

Trump has just been reminded of his many limitations by a federal judge who smacked down his effort to overhaul America’s bureaucracy. Earlier today, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson made a decision to rule against provisions in three executive orders that Trump signed in May, which would have made it easier for him to fire government workers and “undermine federal employees’ right to bargain collectively.” In her decision, Judge Ketanji sent Trump a strong message when she said:

The President must be deemed to have exceeded his authority in issuing them.”

Many organizations who were representing the federal workers are thankful for the judge’s ruling, as Trump needs to be put in his place more often. Meanwhile, Trump appears not to be handling the news very well. The White House has not yet issued any comment about the judge’s ruling, and the president hasn’t thrown a temper tantrum on Twitter about it today. It’s probably festering inside, ready to explode at any moment.

Trump’s nasty habit of feverishly signing executive orders and overstepping his power proves just how dangerous he is as POTUS. America is lucky to have brave judges that aren’t afraid to stand up to him.

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2.4k shares, 576 points