Ivanka Takes A Call From Her “Daddy” In The Middle Of Speaking Event In Front Of Donors, Puts Phone Up To Mic


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There are laws against nepotism but one unwritten one should be against calling the president of the U.S. ‘Daddy’ during a public event at a Republican donor retreat. Oh, yeah, Ivanka, the princess of the Trump administration, went there, despite the White House denying it. Then, of course, Ivanka put her mobile phone up to a microphone so that Daddy Trump could talk to the audience. Tacky doesn’t even begin to describe this administration.

According to The Independent, Ivanka’s ‘Daddy’ moment happened in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at an event for donors of Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday. We’re only surprised that she didn’t then refer to her husband, Jared Kushner, as Babykins or Honey-poo.

Princess Ivanka was on stage during a conversation with Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart when ‘president’ Trump phoned  Jared Kushner, who then told his wife, “Your dad’s on the line,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan tweeted.

“Hi Daddy,” Ivanka Trump reportedly replied, before putting the phone up to her microphone for the benefit of the donors who attended the event.

Daddy Trump took that opportunity to brag about the economy even though there’s talk of a looming recession. And, in a shock to no one, Trump cited a recent poll’s findings, likely Rasmussen, which dubiously claimed he has a 51 percent approval rate. The former reality show star then went full-Trump to claim that he’s  “really at 61 percent” approval rating. However, in reality, Trump has a lower approval rating than all Presidents since 1938. Now, we’re not saying that President Liar Pants lied (we are saying that he lied) because perhaps he’s too challenged to comprehend math and statistics.

A White House official later disputed what Ivanka reportedly said, saying that she had in fact said “Dad,” not “Daddy.” That’s hard to swallow since, in 2017, Donald Trump said that Ivanka refers to him as “Daddy.”

Ivanka spoke about guns, probably because her father has been too busy backpedaling over background checks after he spoke with his handlers at the NRA.

We’re not sure what Ivanka Trump really does in this administration, aside from being her Daddy’s pet adviser.

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