Internet Responds To Trump After He Threatens “Civil War” If He’s Impeached: “No Sane Person Would Ever Say This”

Trump has confirmed that he's unfit for office.

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Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday night that he’s unfit for office when he tweeted a quote from a controversial pastor calling for a Civil War if he is impeached. And even before that jaw-dropping tweet, the former reality show star warned of “big consequences” for the whistleblower who stepped forward after hearing of the alarming phone call between the former reality show star and Ukraine’s president in which it appeared that Trump was trying his hand at extortion in order to smear his rival, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Trump’s mental health has been scrutinized before and now, it’s confirmed that the lawless “president” will not leave office peacefully. Trump sent out that tweet to rile up his base, as usual. Twitter users responded to Trump’s dangerous tweet, including Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.).

Trump’s base seems OK with killing American citizens for their president.

We’ll leave you with this tweet.

That’s an adorable tweet from the Oath Keepers, don’t you think? They seem to think that the government doesn’t have drones and tanks, and they also somehow believe that liberals don’t own guns.

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