Insider Reveals When Trump Takes A Call With Foreign Leaders, Sometimes He’ll Give Phone To Ivanka To Speak To Them

And you thought things couldn't get worse.

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There’s no reason to worry about the world now, because Ivanka Trump, designer of shitty-looking clothes, is on the phone with world leaders even though, like her father, she has no political experience. Princess Ivanka, who feigns to be a feminist, should concentrate on her father, who is enabling the upcoming eradication of the Kurds; one-third of the Kurdish fighters are women, by the way. Daddy Trump just isn’t good at world affairs — unless he’s destabilizing various countries intentionally.

Case in point: Trump’s 30-minute phone call with the leader of Ukraine that sparked off the House impeachment inquiry, done in order to get dirt on his political rival. It’s all about Trump, and he’s always been that way. That phone call was uploaded into a highly restricted classified computer network, and who knows what happened with the transcript of Trump’s conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

According to what a source told the Associated Press, Trump, who isn’t known for reading, “hates” any sort of “pre-briefs” and has frequently refused to do them. On top of that, Trump doesn’t like written background materials either, so he prefers to handle the calls himself. However,  sometimes while Trump is on the phone with foreign heads of state, the former reality show star has handed the receiver to Princess Ivanka.

Well, at least Ivanka can read, and we know this from the word salads she tosses to the press in order to avoid direct questions about her scandal-plagued father.

According to the source, a six-page pre-brief with attachments was once prepared for Donnie before a call to a foreign leader, but that was too long, and so was a single-page version. So, it became the norm instead to prepare pre-brief note cards that offered about three talking points for Trump to make on a call. After Trump is finished with the cards, “he often rips them up and tosses them in a burn bag,” according to the AP.

That action, of course, sent staff members who handled records to retrieve the burn bags from the residence, put the papers out on a table and tape them back together to preserve them as official presidential records, this insider said.

And Ivanka just tweeted about her visit to the State Department even though she was not elected for any office and is equally unqualified to sell lawnmowers on eBay.

All of that is frightening, and the fact the “president” is letting Nepotism Barbie handle calls with world leaders just adds to the pile of reasons that Trump is unfit for office.

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