Hundreds Of Americans Exposed How Trump’s Shutdown Has Ruined Their Lives, This Is Tragic

This is heartbreaking.

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Over Christmas, Donald Trump’s ego delivered a present to America that we weren’t really expecting, but we can’t call unexpected — a government shutdown. The President decided that he would base his signature for a spending bill on whether or not Democrats would agree to provide $5 billion for a wall along the border with Mexico that literally no one but his crazy, racist base wants or thinks would be in any way effective.

Now thousands are left without work and without pay across the country. It’s no small wonder that Trump didn’t take anyone but himself into account when he decided to shut down the government over the wall funding, but we somehow doubt that he even has any idea just how far-reaching the effects would be for those who depend on a functioning government, not just for government workers but even those peripherally related to whether or not federal buildings are open, parks are operating, or mail is being delivered.

Trump, until his wife jumped on a plane and flew back to the White House, was still busy on Twitter trying to blame the Democrats for his heartless decision to cut off pay for thousands just before Christmas:

We can scarcely believe that’s the message the President of the United States wants to send out on Christmas Eve, but here we are. And so in response, hundreds of Twitter users started a hashtag that they’ve been using to tell their stories of how Trump’s decision has affected them and their families.

And again — it’s not just government employees who are screwed over by the Trump shutdown:

But we don’t imagine Trump will ever see these stories.

But here’s the biggest question of all:

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