House GOP Candidates In Panic Mode After Trump “Hijacked The Elections” With His Anti-Immigrant Paranoia

Trump's rhetoric might backfire on him.

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President Donald Trump has doubled down on stoking racial tensions and paranoia about the supposed immigrant “invasion” — and moderate Republicans who aren’t too keen on his rhetoric, thinking that Trump’s message will cost them the midterm election.

Some House Republicans have reportedly been talking in private, complaining that Trump has given up on them to focus on GOP Senate candidates. These House Republicans believe his anti-immigrant message will help Senate candidates in rural red states, but in the majority of districts, it might be too toxic. According to Politico, one senior House Republican said:

Trump has hijacked the election. This is not what we expected the final weeks of the election to focus on.”

Another senior House GOP laments:

His honing in on this message is going to cost us seats. The people we need to win in these swing districts that will determine the majority, it’s not the Trump base; it’s suburban women, or people who voted for [Hillary] Clinton or people who are not hard Trump voters.”

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Trump lackey who is leaving Congress when his term ends in January, begged Trump to focus and promote the economy, instead of pontificating about immigrants. But Trump insisted that his focus on immigrants had fired up the GOP base, according to a source familiar with the phone call.

On November 6, we vote in the midterm elections and Democrats are currently holding a 13 point lead over Republicans among likely voters on a generic congressional ballot. A recent survey conducted by SSRS revealed that 55 percent of likely voters favored Democratic candidates with 42 percent of likely voters preferring their GOP counterparts.

The survey’s release comes 24 hours before the midterms as the Democrats attempt to retake control of the House, and if they play their cards right, the Senate.

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