GOP Had Major Meltdown As Top Republican Threw Trump Under The Bus, Defended Obama

Which team is this guy on?!

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For a second, we thought that Republican Jeff Flake finally found his backbone when he temporarily went back on his promise to vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and delayed the entire process so the FBI could investigate the numerous sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick.

While that was short-lived and Flake eventually bent to the will of Trump and the GOP, Flake continues to be a major problem for Trump. One has to wonder if he’s thinking about joining the Democratic Party after the way he bashed the president in Massachusetts not too long ago. Speaking at the Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” event, Flake gave a rousing speech in which he relentlessly trashed Trump and threw the president under the bus for all his major screw ups. Flake said:

I could never warm to the president. Long before he ran, he talked about President Obama not being a citizen. I thought that, itself, is disqualifying.”

Flake also brought up Trump’s previous racist comments against Mexican immigrants and the president’s horrific remarks about late Senator John McCain. And he didn’t stop there. Flake also defending the Democrats that Trump spends so much time attacking, stating that the president has crossed a line. He said:

We can’t refer to our opponents, political opponents on the other side of the aisle as losers and clowns. We have too big of issues to solve in this country than to just be partisan all the time.”

He also acknowledged that the future looked grim for the GOP because the party had ignored advice that “we had to appeal to a broader electorate.” Flake said:

Unfortunately, we’ve been driving down and drilling down on the base and that only takes you so far.”

Flake stood with “Never Trump” Republicans who were “yearning for a more decent politics” and told the crowd:

Stand for your principles, yes. But understand that compromise is not a dirty word.”

If there was one speech that was going to be the final nail in the coffin for the GOP, this was it. Watch Flake turn on Trump below:

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