Fox News Viewers Lose Their Minds After Network Shows More Of Obama’s Rally Than Trump’s

These people are voting — are you?

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Fox News viewers were furious at the network after they said more of President Barack Obama’s rally in Georgia was shown than Donald Trump’s. It’s unclear if the decision was made by the network as a rating decision since Trump generally repeats the same talking points and they wanted to offer new content by momentarily spotlighting Obama. When confronted, Trump recently said that he has to “see about” the fact that Fox wasn’t showing his rallies live. It’s still unknown what he meant by that, but it hasn’t changed Fox’s programming. Whatever the reason as to why Fox is showing Obama so much, Fox’s viewers took to Twitter with their rage:

Obama was recently in Georgia to rally for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, who is locked in a tight race with Republican Brian Kemp. While highlighting Abrams, Obama emphasized that this midterm election was the “most important of our lifetime.”

I’m here for one simple reason: To ask you to vote. The consequences of any of us staying home are profound because America is at a crossroads … The character of our country is on the ballot.”

In an earlier rally on Friday, Obama said that he didn’t understand why Trump and his supporters are “so angry all the time.” At another rally, Obama accused Republicans of using “constant, incessant, non-stop attempts to divide us. Rhetoric that is designed to make us angry — to make us fearful.”

Obama also commented on Trump’s rhetoric surrounding the migrant caravan:

Now in the year 2018, they are telling you the biggest threat to America are some impoverished refugees thousands of miles away. That’s not enough to lie about it — they are sending our brave troops … they are sending them down there for a political stunt when they could be with their families.”

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