Fox News Turns Its Back On Their Top Host After Trump Rally, Calls Him “An Unfortunate Distraction”

Well, THAT has to hurt.

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Sean Hannity is joining Donald Trump on the campaign trail — and his colleagues don’t seem too keen about it.

Fox News has addressed Hannity’s onstage appearance with Trump at yesterday’s rally in Missouri, calling the appearance “an unfortunate distraction.” According to a network spokesperson, Fox News “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events.” They had this to add:

We have an extraordinary team of journalists helming our coverage tonight and we are extremely proud of their work. This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

Twenty-four hours ago Hannity tweeted that he would not be “on stage campaigning with the president” — but clarified the statement he made on stage last night about the “fake news media,” preaching that he did not mean to include his Fox News colleagues and employer in that remark. Essentially, Hannity tried differentiating between Fox News and “fake news,” despite delivering fake news of his own about his appearance.

Regardless of his words, Hannity did appear at Trump’s rally, in line with the Trump campaign’s press release and contrary to his previous statements.

PolitiFact is a nonprofit organization operated by the Poynter Institute. It closely monitors and reports on the accuracy of statements made by elected officials, candidates, lobbyists, and interest groups — including news organizations like Fox News.

PolitiFact curated statements made on air by Fox, Fox News, and FOXBusiness personalities and have reported that 21 percent of statements made have been mostly false, with 29 percent being false, and 9 percent being “pants on fire” — which means that it is so false that it is a bit ludicrous. About 19 percent of statements made on Fox’s platforms are half true. That means that about 78 percent of statements made on Fox has some sort of falsehood attached to them. However, one of their personalities has the audacity to try to position themselves as a news organization that is fair in their coverage of the news.

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