Fox News Threw Trump Under The Bus, Busted Him Lying About Saudi Arabia Deals

Now he can't even rely on his allies at Fox.

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Et tu, Brute?

It seems that Trump can’t even count on what has long been considered essentially a state-run television network to back him up. As he weaves his way through global affairs at the G20 Summit, it’s curious that he has yet to meet with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Perhaps that’s because he doesn’t have much defense left to explain why he hasn’t condemned Saudi Arabia for their human rights abuses.

In October, President Trump, in an effort to deflect some of the criticism being leveled at him over his handling of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who was killed by a Saudi death squad inside the embassy in Istanbul, tweeted a meager defense of his prior dealings with Saudi Arabia:

That, of course, is (pardon the expression) horseshit. If you’ve even remotely glanced at the news in the last, oh, say, 30 years, you know that Trump has had plenty of dealings with Saudi Arabia, and they’ve been chronicled pretty recently, what with the guy who got murdered being the nephew of an arms dealer that Trump bought a yacht from in 1989.

But Trump was utterly dismayed, we’re certain, to find that if he’s calling it “fake news” he has to include his precious Fox News Channel as well — because Fox’s research team sent out a tweet from their verified account refuting the President’s assertions less than one hour later:

This doesn’t include the eight companies that Trump registered in Saudi Arabia during the presidential campaign, but perhaps Fox was in a rush to tweet out what they had so far.

Oh, and that yacht they listed in the tweet? That’s the same one we wrote about him buying from Jamal Khashoggi’s uncle, so you know, it’s not like he forgot about it or who he got it from. Trump is lying through his teeth about his relationship with the Middle Eastern kingdom, and each time he does, it makes you wonder a little more just why he’s doing so.

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