Fox News Host Goes After Trump Aide On His Show, Accuses Her Of Changing Her Story; Trump Will Hate This

It gets hard to keep track of all your lies when you work in the Trump administration.

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Fox news correspondent Ed Henry was interviewing Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, on the alleged use of the N-word by Trump. This comes after Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book Unhinged hints at Trump allegedly using the word while working on “The Apprentice.”

Henry confronted Pierson’s flip-flopping: Initially, Pierson stated that Trump did not use that word. However, a recorded phone call released by Manigault Newman says otherwise. The phone call included several Trump administration and campaign associates.

In the recording, it sounds like Pierson acknowledges that Trump used the N-word, as the associates in the phone call discuss the possible existence of a tape where you can hear Trump use the N-word. Pierson defends Trump’s mishaps by saying that he said he felt “embarrassed.”

Henry lambasted Pierson, confronting her on her contradiction.

“You told me you never said that,” Henry stated. “You’re on tape.”

“That’s not what we were talking about,” Pierson replied. “That’s not the question you were asking me.”

Pierson then pivots saying that Manigault Newman was obsessed with the topic.

“If that’s the truth, why didn’t you tell me, ‘Ed, you know, I don’t know all the details of this book, I haven’t seen it, but I did say, Yes, he used the N-word to move the conversation along?’” a frustrated Henry said. ”You didn’t say that last night. You changed the story today.”

For the rest of the interview, Henry was frustrated with Pierson’s convenient lies, and Pierson was thrashing about for being pinned for her lies. The rest of the segment was them yelling over each other.

The White House responded to the situation and had stated that they weren’t able to confirm the existence of said tapes.

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