Fox News Broke Devastating News To Trump About Border Wall On Air: It’s “Never Going Up”

He's not going to like hearing this from FOX!

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Fox News has finally stopped sugarcoating things for Donald Trump and is finally giving the president a dose of reality.

At the end of December, Fox News’s Outnumbered spoke up about the government shutdown that is currently happening thanks to a lack of funding for the president’s disastrous border wall — and it was a somber moment for all of Trump’s racist fans and the president himself. During the show, the panel debated whether or not the border wall was not going to happen at all and predicted that Trump was in for a “tough ride” if he thought this was an issue he would win on.

Remarking on the Democrats’ refusal to approve $5 billion for Trump’s ridiculous border wall, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas said:

If the Republicans don’t give what the Democrats want, the shutdown is going to continued until January, then the Democrats take over, then Republicans have no chance of getting the border wall.”

Fox Business host Kennedy responded:

That’s what my question is, what happens next? If this is the hill that the president is going to die on politically, he’s in for a rough ride.”

The panel then spoke about how Trump had rejected Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s offer of $1.6 billion for “border security” and then even joked about how House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi‘s (D-CA) had referred to Trump’s barrier as a “beaded curtain.” If Trump had been watching, that alone would have made him explode with rage — but things got worse for him when Banderas dropped several truth bombs about why this border wall was never going to happen. She predicted:

The wall is never going up. Mark my words. First of all, there will not be the money.

I don’t care if you call it a slat, a fence, a wall — it’s not happening.”

We can practically hear the hearts of Fox viewers breaking. You can watch part of the segment below:

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